I finally found the camera. One of my children is making videos for everyone for Christmas on the camera and until she is done she is hiding the camera so no one peeks. I love her creativity but not the camera hoarding! I promise not to peek at her work, I just want to catch up on photographing some of what I have been up to to post it here.

As you might gather from my blog title, cookies and mittens are two of my favourite things, especially in winter time. After I get some work done today I am going to bake our family’s favourite Christmas cookies and I’ll share pictures and the recipe here. The newest mittens are ready to share now.

I love these. Every time I knit with Noro I say that I have had my fill and I am done with it – until the next time I see a ball of it somewhere and I just can’t take my eyes off of it. Christmas knitting with Noro seems like the perfect combination. At Christmas we usually spend more time than usual with family members – people whose quirks annoy us and make us glad everyone has their own house (or at least room) to go to at the end of the day but when it comes down to it, we love them dearly and want to see them again and again. Noro is like that in the wool world. It has bits of hay and grass still in it from when it was part of a sheep, it runs thick and thin all over the place and is unpredictable. There is always one splash of colour in there that makes me wonder if the dye artist was looking out the window and not paying attention for a minute while choosing colours. It is rough and scratchy until you give it a nice long bath to make it relax and feel bearably soft. I keep thinking I have had enough of working with it but those colours pull me back at least once every year and I am always so happy to knit with it again – and yes, glad to get back to my well behaved and wonderfully soft every day yarns once I am done.

These mitts will go perfectly with the Noro Striped Scarf I made a few years ago. I have dozens of scarves, hats and mittens and this is the first time anything has matched! I knit the mitts at a pretty tight gauge to keep out the wind. They are lined with an alpaca and wool blend so they are incredibly warm as well as soft on the inside.

More pictures, recipes and thoughts to come. Right now I need to bake some cookies to go with the mittens!

I finally found…