so ready for a new season to begin!

What a winter this has been. I got everyone back to school after New Year’s with all kinds of good intentions and plans. I even got a few days of wonderful snowshoeing in on the four days we actually had snow this winter. Then one of my daughters developed a strange rash on her neck. It turned out to be shingles and the virus knocked her off her feet and into bed for two weeks. Shingles is not contagious, but the chicken pox virus which causes it is contagious to people who have never had chicken pox. People like her younger sister. Both girls were sicker than they have ever been. When the rashes cleared up and they seemed to feel a little better they both made it back to school for a couple of days and then were back in bed with the flu and strep throat. Between them they have been off school for all but two days of the last six weeks. One of them is finally well again but my little one (do I still get to call her that because she is my youngest even though she is taller than me?) is home sick again today. Thank goodness they have next week off to rest and hopefully recuperate!

So what do you do with two sick girls for six weeks? You make a lot of peppermint tea and toast. You borrow old musicals from their music teacher and spend a few days watching movies like Singin’ In the Rain, Grease and Amadeus. You do a lot of laundry and give a lot of backrubs. You work hard to find a space with no chicken pox on it big enough to kiss on your daughter’s face and kiss it a zillion times in a row to make her giggle and start to feel better. You try not to think about all of the work you are not getting done because really, this is the most important work of all, even if it doesn’t pay one single bill. And then, when you have done all you can think of and they are still home sick and nowhere near ready to go back to school, you find the DVD’s of Little House on the Prairie and before you know it, you have watched every single episode. Who knew that there were ten seasons of Little House? Who else has watched them all in just one month? And while I can’t say I loved every minute of it, it was fun to laugh and to talk with my wonderful girls about the stories, the characters, the issues and to have so much time with them.

I didn’t get as much knitting done as I thought I would with so much time on my hands. I have started sewing again and even figured out how to use my serger. I learned to crochet and that has been fun, at least some of the time. More on the fibre fun stuff soon. The camera still eludes me…….


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