into a new year…..

I am going to buy a new camera. I don’t enjoy reading food or knitting blogs with no photos so I haven’t been posting and I just realized how long it has been! My daughter has been using the camera a lot for school projects which means that it is either not available or the battery is uncharged with the charger missing.

This past month has been the busiest of the year for knitting, cooking and baking with a little weaving thrown in for last minute Christmas gifts. Hats, mittens, sweaters, scarves, slippers and even candle holders all flew off my needles and looms. Countless cookies and loaves of bread, soups and two full turkey dinners have passed through my kitchen and have helped transform my children into the tall teens that they are all of a sudden.

Now that everyone else is back to work and school it is time for me to plan for the coming year.

  • I want to start booking Enjo demos for the rest of the winter and build my amazing team some more.
  • I have nearly finished all of the various knitting projects I have stashed around my house and have decided to frog any I am not willing to complete in the next month.
  • I knew how to spin as a child and as I have recently acquired a spinning wheel, I intend to learn again. I don’t know if spinning is like riding a bike and it will all come right back to me or if I will be learning all over again. Either way, I can’t wait to get started!
  • my daughters have been using my Cricket to weave scarves and I think my youngest is ready to start using the Flip to make whatever strikes her fancy.
  • double knitting is next on my list of knitting techniques to learn. I have ordered Lucy Neatby’s double knitting DVD and intend to start learning the day it arrives!
  • seeing as how music is my great non-fibre love I am going to work on my technique for playing flute and piccolo. I love to play and will only progress if I challenge myself. I bought “The Art of Playing the Flute” from Jenn Cluff’s website and I am excited to try the advanced exercises and techniques it offers. This should make attending music camp with my kids even more enjoyable this summer!

I will be back once I get the new camera!

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