how long will all this food last with two teenagers and an almost 12 year old in the house?

This morning I made a trip to Hanover and came home with 10 kg of locally grown and milled flour, 4 dozen local eggs, 1 kg of local honey, 10 kg of brown sugar (not a chance of that stuff being local!) and 1 kg of powdered milk – all for less than $40. Not bad, eh?

Now the trick is to see how far it can go in this household.No doubt there will be many loaves of bread. These muffins just came out of the oven. Some cinnamon laden dough is rising for sticky buns as I type. They will be ready in time for a bedtime snack and my husband and son will make short work of those, I am sure. A fresh container of cocoa mix is in the cupboard thanks to the powdered milk – the girls will love that. Me? I love the honey in my tea and the fresh eggs.

Let the baking begin!



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