what do your leftover mashed potatoes look like?

Mine look like this –

We ran out of bread (again) yesterday. Who knew that a 15 year old boy could consume ten pounds of flour in a week? And you still can’t see him if he turns sideways!

We had a couple of baked potatoes that somehow didn’t get eaten the other night. I scooped out the flesh and mashed it with a little milk and added it with a bit of butter to my regular bread dough. The loaves rose so much higher than usual – and the bread is disappearing even faster than usual too! Looks like I will be making some more for tomorrow at this rate. Since it is Halloween I just might sneak as much protein and fibre into the next loaves as possible to counteract some of that sugar. As long as the health aspect of my home made bread isn’t too obvious I can usually get away with it!


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